Tattoo FAQ

Tattoo FAQ

〉How are tattoos priced?

Our shop hourly rate is $160/hr  – and we have a shop minimum of $100 for a tattoo.
When you get a tattoo, the price of it should be your lowest concern. Your artists ability should take priority.
Great tattoos are never cheap and cheap tattoos are never great.

〉Are you expected to tip your artist?

I mean, we won’t tell you not to! But whether or not you should tip your artist falls on you. It’s your choice to tip however much or however little you want.

〉Do you need an appointment for a tattoo?

We take both walk-ins and appointments. If you are wanting a tattoo that is larger than a toonie, you’ll need an appointment.
But before you get your appointment, you’ll need to have a consultation with an/your artist.

〉What is a consultation?

A consult is where you and an artist get to talk about the tattoo you are wanting. In this consult they will ask questions about what you want, where you want it and how big you are wanting it. During your consult you will also get a rough quote of the final cost of the tattoo – a quoted price can change depending on any last minute changes you make to the tattoo and how well you sit.
After your consultation if you are wanting to go forward with your tattoo design, the artist will then take a deposit from you and write you down in the books for a future tattoo appointment.

〉What is a deposit?

When it comes to tattoos, there are quite a few people who back out of their tattoo at the last minute. Think of a deposit as an insurance policy for the artist. Your deposit insures them that you are in fact going to get the tattoo.
Your deposit will usually be $100 and will be applied towards the end cost of your tattoo.
Deposits are also non refundable and non transferable – meaning you cannot take your deposit and transfer it over for another persons tattoo.
Why would you lose your deposit? If you don’t show up to or cancel your appointment after putting down a deposit, your deposit is the artists guarantee that they will get paid for drawing your custom tattoo. If you bail, the artist still needs to get paid for that tattoo they drew. Though tattooing is a super fun career, we also have houses and bills to pay for.

〉How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

18. We will tattoo someone as young as 17 with a parent’s or guardian’s consent in the form of filling out paperwork before the tattoo.

〉Can you have a drink before your tattoo?

No. We don’t drink and ink, so you can’t drink and get a tattoo. If you have had a drink, or ingested any kind of mind altering substance, we can and will decline to tattoo you. You may have the option to move your appointment to a different date if such a thing were to happen.


〉Should you eat before or after your tattoo?

Yes. Please come to your tattoo well fed and watered so your body is in a strong and healthy condition. We recommend eating at least 2-3 hours before your tattoo so your food has plenty of chance to digest a little.
After your tattoo, you should also eat a proper and well balanced meal to bring your body back up to a state where it can help your immune system heal your new tattoo.

〉Can you bring your baby/children, friends, or family into the shop while you get tattooed?

No. Unless they are getting a service (body piercing or tattoo) then we do not permit extra people or children in the shop. You and you alone are allowed back while getting tattoo (or pierced for that matter). Tattoo studios are not a place for children. There are too many hazards for children to be exposed to. It’s an adult environment some of the conversations, images etc. might not be appropriate for kids. Children can be very distracting to you, your artist and other clients. Keep in mind you might be staying there for a couple of hours, kids get bored, restless & start complaining or acting up.

〉What should you bring to your tattoo?

Your government issued ID – Driver’s License is preferred. A bottle of water to help re-hydrate you. And a little, sweet snacky to help bring your blood sugars back up.

〉Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Well. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting licked by kittens, but it isn’t the worst pain out there. Pain is such a relative subject, it really just depends on your body. If you feel like your pain tolerance is low, tell your artist and they can help you through the tattoo with numbing sprays or mental support.

〉What should you wear to your appointment?

Something comfortable. You most likely will be in some discomfort while getting tattoo, so don’t add to it by wearing something uncomfortable. Don’t dress to impress, wear your T-shirt and some comfy pants.


If you wish to cancel your appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice. Your deposit will also be forfeit if you cancel your tattoo appointment. If you cancel your appointment, you may see a copy of your tattoo or reference material, but not your deposit.
If you have questions about our Cancellation Policy, please feel free to phone the shop and we would be happy to answer your questions. 306 343 7653