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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

How does laser tattoo removal work? Tattoos are made of thousands of tiny ink particles that have been injected under the skin and are suspended there under the skin. Usually, normal healing would rid the skin of these pigments, but tattoo ink is much to large for the body to break down naturally – which…
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Piercing FAQ

Do piercing hurt? Not nearly as much as you might think! In fact, the actual piercing is so brief that the worst part is the preceding mental anxiety and fear. And, no matter how the piercing felt, almost everyone who gets pierced can’t help but laugh or smile when it’s over. Don’t get me wrong,…
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Tattoo FAQ

〉How are tattoos priced? Our shop hourly rate is $160/hr  – and we have a shop minimum of $100 for a tattoo. When you get a tattoo, the price of it should be your lowest concern. Your artists ability should take priority. Great tattoos are never cheap and cheap tattoos are never great. 〉Are you…
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