Some facial piercings are surface piercings in the skin, while others pierce through to your mouth (oral piercing) or nasal passage.

Having your ears pierced includes traditional piercings as well as edgier ones.  Some pierce the cartilage, while others are in the fleshy parts of the lobes.

Surface and Dermals are another type of piercing that has many possibilities when it comes to location. Ask your piercer for more ideas.


  • Lobe: The easiest place on the body to pierce. It is a fleshy piercing and heals much faster than a cartilage piercing.
  • Helix and Helix Orbital: Along the curled outer edge of your upper ear cartilage.
  • Conch and Conch Orbital: The conch is at the large opening of your ear.
  • Daith: A cartilage piercing of the innermost cartilage fold.
  • Rook: Along the inner ridge of ear cartilage that runs down the center, parallel to the outer rim.
  • Tragus and Anti-Tragus: The rounded protuberance of cartilage just outside the ear canal.
  • Industrial/Scaffold: A two-hole piercing, the jewelry includes a long spanning bar.
  • Snug/Anti-Helix: Along the vertical inner cartilage ridge.
  • Bridge: Across the bridge of the nose
  • Monroe: In the area of a beauty mark, through the upper lip into the mouth.
  • Septum: This pierces the soft tissue of the center of your nose.
  • Labrets and Lowbrets: Under the center of your lower lip, through to the inside of your mouth.
  • Nostril: Through the soft cartilage of the nostril.
  • Lip Rings: Most piercings are both external and oral.
  • Snake Bites: Two symmetrical lower lip piercings, more like fangs than bites.
  • Medusa/Philtrum: The indentation between your upper lip and nose, it’s both an oral and lip piercing.
  • Eyebrow: These are surface piercings.
  • Tongue: This is a painful piercing as the tongue has many nerve endings.
  • Tongue Web/Frenulum: The thin strip of connective tissue under your tongue.
  • Frowny: Through the thin connective tissue under the bottom lip.
  • Smiley/Scrumper: Through the thin connective tissue above the upper lip.
  • Navel/Belly Button:  Healing Time: 6-9 Months .
  • Sternum/Cleavage: We only use dermals.
  • Dermal Anchors/Micro-dermal Implants: Protruding implants.
  • Corset Piercings: Parallel rows of piercings you can connect with string or ribbon.
  • Clitoral Hood
  • Inner Labia
  • Outer Labia
  • Ampallang
  • Apadravya
  • Dydoe
  • Frenum
  • Prince Albert
  • Scrotum