Shayn Romanuik




Apart from being a self-educated driven individual and Artist, Shayn has been on an epic journey pushing tattoo and travel, to live and to learn as much as he can with friends and family and on his own. One of his favorite memories… (NOT!) Is being denied entry into the USA because of an article someone wrote about him in California tattooing in Saskatoon! Needless to say, he doesn’t want to tattoo in the states anyway! He is truly honored to tattoo the public in his own birth city and holds high quality standards for what he does for his customers and the community.

He believes much energy is held in the eyes, and his work and the focal points of his designs mirror this. Shayn focuses most his time creating imagery with life and still life mixed, animals, faces, flowers, filigree, and photo realism with a contemporary feel. Fine lines, black and grey realism and custom hand script lettering are what he is compelled to.

Currently Shayn is accepting new clients as he strives to serve Saskatoon full time and be committed to his work and clients here. Follow him on Instagram, to keep in touch with his posts. He posts weekly of upcoming events, trips and cancellation spaces for last minute openings/time available.