Laser Tattoo Removal

Simply put, a tattoo is permanent. However, sometimes our feelings about the ones we have are not. Perhaps you find your tattoo is limiting your wardrobe choices, projects an image or message you no longer wish to be associated with or is a memento of a past you want to leave behind. Fortunately, it is now easier and safer than ever to remove any unwanted ink. We offer one of the best laser tattoo removal services in Saskatoon.
Modern laser technology allows for the elimination of tattoo ink with very limited harm to surrounding tissue. Our Q-switched YAG laser uses a short-pulsed beam of light to break up tattoo ink particles, allowing your body to easily flush them away. Treatments start at $50 per session (based on the size of the tattoo) and only last a few minutes. Results can be seen after just one treatment! Often 2-5 treatments is sufficient to lighten a tattoo enough to be covered up, while complete removal can take anywhere from 6-15.
There are many factors that affect the number of treatments it will take to remove your tattoo, including age of tattoo and different ink colors.  Everybody’s skin is different. Therefore we offer a free consultation with our certified laser technician to inform you of the process, examine your tattoo, explore your goals and provide a price quote. Call today to book!

Body Piercing

At ON2U we provide a clean and friendly environment for our piercing clients as well as over 18 years of piercing experience. Shop owner and piercer, Veronica Tricker, started her piercing training and career in Calgary in 1995 and has been running “Piercings by Veronica” ever since. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and welcoming attitude toward every client. We understand getting a piercing can be a nerve racking experience so we do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible.

The first comfort you can take is in knowing that we uphold the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness and your safety: our employees are First Aid/CPR certified, have taken a Blood Borne Pathogens course and Veronica has taken the Safe Body Art Course through the Saskatoon Health Region. We belong to the University of Saskatchewan Infection Control program which ensures our autoclave is in perfect working condition. All critical items (needles, jewellery) are single-use and new sterile items are used for each client. We autoclave all of our instruments in shop to be sure everything is sterile, including disposable items like q-tips and gauze.

We provide each client with aftercare instructions and cleaning solution to ensure the best possible healing. All aftercare instructions are also on Veronica’s piercing website and on this website under “Aftercare”
We are always available to answer any questions about your piercing, so feel free to give us a call or stop by with any questions or concerns.

  • Facial Dermals
  • Neck Dermal
  • Neck Dermal
  • Hip Dermal
  • Navel and Nipples
  • Snake Eyes
  • Septum and Vertical Labret
  • Facial Dermals
  • Navel
  • Eyebrow
  • Tongue
  • Stretched Ear with Helix
  • Chest Dermals
  • Facial Dermal in Anchor Tattoo
  • Dermals
  • Navel plus Dermal
  • Stretched Ears
  • Industrial
  • Smiley!
  • Cheeks
  • Bridge
  • Tongue
  • Medusa
  • Medusa and Labret
  • Monroe
  • piercing folder 008
  • Scalpelled Labret
  • "Angel Bite" or Double Tongue Piercing
  • Healed Nose Hoop
  • Septum and Cheeks
  • Rook
  • Double Tragus
  • Medusa
  • Triple Helix
  • Double Monroe
  • Labret and Cheeks
  • IMG_1434
  • Pierced Corset
  • Dermal Eyebrow
Tattoo Aftercare

Immediate Aftercare:

  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before ever touching your tattoo
  • Remove bandage after 2-4 hours (no more than 6)
  • Wash your tattoo under hot running water and gently massage until your tattoo no longer feels slimy (approx 7 minutes). Do not use a wash cloth, just your clean hands
  • Allow tattoo to air dry for minimum of 10 minutes
  • Do not apply any lotion until 3 days after receiving your tattoo

Daily Aftercare:

  • Wash tattoo 3-4 times daily until tattoo is completely healed. Healing time varies for each individual, although your tattoo should be completely healed after 3 weeks
  • On the third day you may apply a small amount of unscented lotion to the area no more than 3-4 times daily. We recommend Lubriderm unscented lotion (available at any pharmacy) or H2Ocean aftercare products (available here)

To best preserve your tattoo, avoid allowing shampoos, body wash and conditioners to come into contact with it, wear loose fitting clothes that allow the tattoo to breathe and after 5 weeks before to apply sunscreen to avoid fading. Also, follow our helpful list of tattoo no-no’s below:

Tattoo DO NOT’s:

  • DO NOT scratch or pick at your tattoo. You are just pulling out ink. Dried skin will fall off on its own when the skin underneath is healed. If its itchy, light slapping can ease the itchiness.
  • DO NOT expose tattoo to sunlight or tanning beds for at least 5 weeks
  • DO NOT soak tattoo in water. Therefore, no swimming; No chlorinated pools/hot tubs and no lakes

Do not waste your money on a tattoo if you are unable to properly care for it afterwards. An ignored tattoo can offend your artist’s work and damage their professional reputation.

Piercing Aftercare

Tips for Cleaning Your Piercing:

Clean the area twice daily (if you exercise regularly, plan to do it after you work out)
The easiest time to clean it is after a hot shower, when the crust layer that may form is soft and easy to remove
Saturate the piercing (ring and area) with recommended cleaning solution and slowly rotate to ensure proper penetration of the cleanser, then thoroughly rinse it. Dry with a disposable item such as a Q-tip or paper towel (not your dirty bath towel!)

Suggested Cleansers:

The most ideal for all piercings is saline solution (salt water) this can be made up by using a sterilized container then use ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in 1 cup of bottled water. Solution should be changed weekly. No double dipping!
For facial or cartilage piercings saline, bactine or ear piercing antiseptic are suitable choices (the active ingredient for the last two cleansers is benzalkonium chloride)
All other body piercings (with the exception of genitals) can also be cleaned using saline solution, or non-scented, anti-bacterial soaps

Ear, Cartilage and Lobe Piercings

clean twice daily with saline or bactine, using the procedures outline above
always cover piercing when using hair spray or other hair products
change pillow cases often

Facial Piercings

clean twice daily with saline or bactine, using the procedures outlined above
Leave the piercing alone… Don’t play with it!
For nose piercings: be careful when blowing your nose, washing or drying your face, or pulling shirts over your head. Don’t forget about your piercing!
Avoid use of make up around the area for approx 6 months
For labrets, lip and cheek piercings, rinse with saline solution or diluted Listerine 4 ox (1 part water, 1 part Listerine)
Advil will help reduce sdwelling (for lips, labrets and cheek only)
Check the tightness on the ball of the labret and cheek daily

Tongue Piercings

Rinse with saline solution or diluted Listerine 5-10 times daily for 1 minute each time
Avoid solid foods for 3 days (I can’t stress this enough!)
Foods to especially avoid include:
– spicy food
– dairy products
– caffeine products
– high sugar content drinks
Recommended foods include:
– over-cooked pasta
– mashed potatoes
– porridge
– soup (lukewarm and blended)
Drink LOTS of water
You can expect your tongue to swell during the first few days, this is normal and should go down in about 5 days. To help reduce the swelling:
– Ice often for the first few days, 20 min on-20 min off
– Avoid hot liquids!! (cold decreases swelling, hot increases swelling)
– Advil (ASA based), Ibuprofen or Motrin will help to reduce swelling and ease the pain, as it contains an anti-inflammatory agent
– Don’t forget to lightly brush your tongue
Brush your barbell balls with your toothbrush to remove plaque (if not removed daily will turn into tartar… just like on your teeth!)
Check tightness of barbell beads daily
After about 3-4 weeks, changing your post to a shorter length will the jewellery more comfortable in your mouth and reduce the chances of biting down

Neck, Nipple and Navel Piercings

Clean 2-3 times daily, using the procedures outlined above
For the first week, after cleaning apply a small amount of Polysporin to top and bottom of piercing. Wipe off any excess ointment.
Check tightness of top ball daily on barbell navel piercings (righty tighty)

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo/piercing?

You MUST be 18 or older to get a tattoo. If you are between the ages of 16-18, a tattoo requires your parent or guardian to fill out a consent form authorizing the procedure.

You MUST be 16 or older to get a piercing. A consent form must also be filled out for anyone younger than 16.

Please bring valid ID to your appointment. We reserve the right to turn down anyone who cannot present a valid photo ID.

Can I book my appointment over e-mail/Facebook?

We do not take appointments online. Please call the shop or stop in. When calling the shop you will be asked to stop by in person to drop off a deposit. Consultations are recommended before booking your appointment.

What is a tattoo consultation?

A tattoo consultation is a meeting with your tattoo artist before your actual appointment. This gives both parties an opportunity to sit down with each other and discuss details. We recommend a consultation prior to appointments to allow the artist ample time to customize your idea and come up with something that you are both happy with.  Price quotes are also given at the time of the consult.

What is a deposit? Is it refundable?

A deposit is a guarantee to the artist that you will show up to your appointment, and that their time preparing for it is not wasted. Most deposits are between $60-100, and are deducted from your total once the tattoo is completed.

Deposits are NOT refundable.

What is the hourly rate?

Each of our artists has their own hourly rate, depending on their experience. This ranges from $80 (for the junior artist) to $150/hour. The shop minimum (for tattoos that take less than an hour) is $100.

What are your shops sterilization standards?

ON2U holds incredibly high standards of cleanliness and sterilization. Tattoo and piercing needles are disposable, only used one time and disposed in a sharps container immediately after use. The Saskatoon Health Region periodically disposes of these containers for us. Each artist cleans their station before and after every tattoo, and film barriers and protective bags are applied to surfaces to avoid cross contamination. Our artists are educated in sterilization procedures.
Any reusable materials (including piercing tools and stainless steel tattoo tubes) are sterilized using our up to date autoclave. If you have any concerns about the standards of our sterilization, we would be more than happy to review our cleaning products with you or share our most recent spore test (for the autoclave machine).

ON2U Policies
  • Deposits are required to book a tattoo appointment. Our minimum is $60 and can be paid in person or by credit card over the phone. Deposits are absolutely non-refundable. Please remember that we do this for a living and are paid by the hour- if you for any reason cannot make your appointment that is time your artist had booked for you but is now not being paid for. They keep your deposit. We require a 48 hour notice before cancelling your appointment.
  • Artwork: we are a custom shop, meaning most of what we do is original artwork or flash with our own touch added to it. We do have to pre-approve all artwork, and may choose not to tattoo something that we feel will not work well as a tattoo. Please do not take offense if your original idea will not work; we can always figure out something that will!
  • Once an appointment is booked for a certain design, you cannot change that design without giving your artist a proper heads up. You may lose your deposit if the artist already has the original tattoo idea designed.
  • Touch-ups: All touch ups are free within the first 3 months of getting your tattoo. However, if the tattoo did not heal properly due to lack of proper aftercare there may be a charge on the touch up. This is at the discretion of the artist.
  • All artists are responsible for their own work. This includes finishing shading or colouring and touch ups. Please do not ask another artist in our shop to complete what someone else has started.
  • Kids are cute and we love them, but they cannot come to your tattoo appointment.  It is very distracting and dangerous for everyone. Finding a babysitter should be a factor when deciding to get a tattoo.
  • Speaking of children, we do not tattoo them! Only at age 16 and only with parental consent is a teen ready for a tattoo. Artwork must be approved by the artist and we will not tattoo any area that is visible to the public eye at all times (ie: hands, neck, etc.). You must be 18 to sign for yourself for tattoos, and 16 for piercings.
  • We will not tattoo: –
  •  Names of significant others (but we do a great job of covering them up, and trust us, we do a lot of that!)
  •  Gang related symbols
  •  Racist/fascist symbols
  •  Anything that we find derogatory or offensive. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Please do not get tattooed if:
  •  You are ill. We do require 48 hours notice before you lose your deposit, but illness is illness and it is unhealthy for everyone if you still come in.
  •  You live out of town and your highway is bad. It is not worth it the risk!
  • In either of these scenarios, call the shop and we will accommodate another option.
  • Personal health before a tattoo is important! Make sure you are hydrated and well fed to avoid potential fainting. It is also important to be sober: if you come in for your appointment smelling of alcohol/marijuana or are on any kind of drug you will be asked to leave. You will lose not only your appointment, but also your deposit.



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